3D Molvis

The knowledge of the structure of molecules is indispensable for the understanding of many necessary concepts in the field quimico-biological sciences where the information contained in the molecular structure is of special importance.

The molecular visualization using technical of virtual reality, allows to include understand and to assimilate the structural characteristics on which the function depends, of a dynamic and interactive form.

This way, the use of computacionales molecular models, altogether with the appropriate techniques of visualization, the learning of concepts constitutes very powerful tools of support to even teaching, that of another way, by its degree of difficulty and abstraction is very difficult to assimilate.

¿What is 3D Molvis?

3D Molvis is a interface created in Qt for the program of molecular visualization VMD. It facilitates the creation of sessions of visualization with VMD by means of an interface destined only to provide the appropriate controls for allow a easy and intuitive interaction of the users. With this interface the user must be able to open a file in format XML that contains two types of information:

  • A list of widgets
  • Code TCL of boot for VMD in charge to load molecules and to make adjustments preparatory in VMD

Widgets will be integrated in the interface in such a way that the interaction of the user will be annotated to those elements of control, eliminating complexity in the VMD use.

¿What is the goal of 3D Molvis?

3D Molvis has as primary goal to promote the use of the new technologies of virtual reality between the university professors to facilitate the learning of the structural characteristics of the molecules of indispensable study in the subjet that they distribute. The use of 3D Molvis is specially appropriate for the cration of applications forteaching.

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